Seniors & School Pictures- Images take 1-2 weeks to upload to our site.  Once the images are uploaded an automated email will be sent to you for viewing of your child.  The yearbook image needs to be selected first before any order can be placed.  Senior premier sessions will also have to select the yearbook image to see all their images from their session.

*** Please note:  There is always a small percentage of images/records that have to be processed/Identified manually.  That is why some of their fellow classmates can see their images before you.  This is part of our normal verification process.  

Sports- Most sports are uploaded within two weeks of the photography date.  The exception would be non-traditional teams or teams created from individual images.  Please allow more time for us to make the team image.

*** Please note:  Partial uploads of individuals can be part of our normal verification process.  

State Finals (WIAA & IHSA)- Images are generally edited and uploaded by the Wednesday after the event.