All Senior Portrait images will have Standard Retouching applied at no cost. 

Standard Retouching - Free

Remove blemishes on face and other areas of skin

Soften lines under eyes

Soften bags and dark circles under eyes

Lessen excess shine from face

Remove minor glass glare

Remove minor stray hairs

Additional or special retouching requests:

Signature Retouching - $50

Standard retouching plus:

Remove Braces

Artist enhancements of overall image

Vignetting of print

Facial softening as well as entire image if appropriate

Enhancement of eyes and eye lashes

Remove extra catch light from eyes

Whiten teeth 

Tone down sunburn/tan lines

Minor clothing adjustments

A La Carte Retouching:

Teeth Whitening - $10

Remove Braces - $20 

Minor clothing adjustment - $40

Hair - $25

Borders - $25

Tan lines - $30