We have moved to an all online view and order system this year.  To view and order your dance and figure skating photos, just follow the instructions below:

-Go to vipis.com
-Enter your school name or organization in the search bar on the first page.
-Select the green "Sports Team & Individual tile." View Now
-Select the year.
-Select your group photo. (individual images taken for each group will be in the gallery under the group photo.)
-Select your individual image.
-Pick your package(s) or product(s). 
-Enter your student information and then, on the next page, your payment information.
-You will receive a confirmation email,

The group and individual images will be posted to our website within 3 weeks of your photo day.  If the league schedules any make up shoots this will delay the upload until those are completed.

Once posted we will notify the league that images are ready to view and order, a link and instructions will be sent to athletes.  The images will remain on our website for over a year to view and order and all orders will be sent directly to the customers home.

If you have any questions please contact our office:

Email: support@vipis.com

Main line: 262.375.4457