Preschool pre-orders are not available online due to the number of classes your child may be involved in. Please use the pre-order envelopes provided by VIP prior to the photo date. If you do not have one please check with your school or organization. You may pay with cash, check or credit card. Please fill out the order envelope and give it to the photographer on photo day so we know your child's information and what photograph belongs to your child. If your child is in multiple classes, please fill out an envelope for each class. 

Will I be able to view and order? 

If you did not place a order, VIP sends a proof card with a photo of your child to the school or league with ordering directions. VIP makes every attempt to take an individual photograph of all children. In the event that your child did not take an individual photograph, you will not receive a proof card. 

Viewing and Ordering online is an option for Preschool starting in 2018. After your photo date, the images will be edited in VIP's photo lab and then uploaded to a secured link with a secured password. In order to protect the privacy of our athletes, the link and password will be provided only by the organization. 

If you would like to view and order online please talk to the organization and they will be able provide the information to whoever they see fit. In order to protect your children, VIP will not post or give out any links or passwords.