Please let us know if you are having any problems ordering online. 


If you are trying to order online and are receiving an error message please wait ten minutes, check your email and try again. There are a couple things that could have happened in order to get an error message.

1) Please make sure there are no dashes in the credit card number. 1234567812345678 should be how you input your credit card number instead of 1234-5678

2) It is possible that the credit card number or expiration date was typed in wrong on accident. Please try again.

3) This error message could have been caused by double clicking the submit buttons and you could possibly be seeing an error screen after an order did go through.

4) Some things that  may give you an error are symbols like (#  ' & ").

      When filling out the stats for trading cards or the uniform number for the memory page, please do not input #13 or 5'5"        for height. Just input the numbers without the symbols.