We do not post the posed team and individual images on our web site for all of our leagues. Most images are ordered with a pre-pay program where you turn in your order on picture day.

You may preview your child's image via email. Please submit a ticket with your child's name (first and last) as well as their School or Organization.

If you would like your team and individual photographs online, please have your Athletic Director or League Coordinator talk to their VIP Sales Rep.

If you did not place a order, VIP sends a proof card with a photo of your child to the school or league with ordering directions. VIP  makes every attempt to take an individual photograph of all athletes. In the event that your athlete did not take an individual photograph, you will not receive a proof card. 

We do keep the photos for up to two years. If your School or Organization is not a View and Order account and would like a preview before ordering you must wait two and a half weeks after the photo date and call our office. This way we can send you a preview via e-mail. Feel free to place an order online anytime at www.vipis.com or you can give our office a call at 262-375-4457. Please, ask for the sports department. 

Instructions for ordering online are as follows:


 Type your school or organization into the search bar at the top.

 Click "pay now" within the Green "Pay After" box.

 Pick your package.

Make sure to put in all your athletes correct information. (Name, Level, and Sport)  It will ask for your students ID number. This is not necessary and you can type any number into that box to be able to move forward.