What is a Memory Page Plaque?

Memory Page Plaques are professionally-designed templates that have designated spaces for an individual photo as well as a team or group photo mounted on wood. Available for a wide variety of activities, Memory Page Plaques are perfect for display in your child's room, on the mantle over your fireplace, or on the desk in your office.

How do I order a Memory Page Plaque?

If you would like to order a memory page plaque for your athlete, please visit our website at www.vipis.com. Type in your school name, select "Pay Ahead" and "Pay After". The Memory Page Plaque is #13 on the order form. 

How do I fix my Memory Page Plaque if my order is incorrect?

For incorrect spelling or image please contact us directly. 262-375-2257 or email at support@vipis.com