Wear an outfit and/or casual that you feel comfortable in and best reflects your personality.  Solid colors, long pants and long sleeves photograph the best, but we welcome dresses as well!  Please make sure to steam/iron clothing prior to the session.   Dress head to toe, we do take images full length and sitting.

Girls- If you paint your nails, clear or neutral works best.  Do not come with chipped nail polish.  Crop tops, sleeveless, spaghetti strap  and strapless shirts/dresses are not recommended for your yearbook.  We strongly recommend nude colored bras to prevent visible straps.

Guys- Consider getting a haircut approximately one week prior to your appointment.  Shave a few hours before the session to avoid redness.  Long pants and button down shirts are classic.  Make sure to have the right socks and belt for the outfit.  Make sure your shirts and jacket are not too big so they lay flat and do not create bulk or wrinkles.

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